Cheryl Aalit
Transformative Coach & Mindfulness Teacher

Transformative Coaching, ADHD Coaching & Mindfulness

I am a Transformative Coach, psychology graduate and mindfulness teacher who has worked in the wellbeing industry for many years. I have a keen interest and extensive knowledge of psychological principles and theories (including ADHD) and spirituality.

Book a 15 minute complimentary call. We will explore what level of support you are looking for and whether I am a good fit for you. I will also cover my working methodologies and how I can support you to achieve your goals and objectives. Explaining coaching does not do it justice. The magic of coaching and mindfulness can only come to light when it’s experienced.

Are you on a path you don’t want to be on or are you struggling to implement positive changes in your life?

Working in the well-being industry for many years alongside psychologists and psychiatrists, I have developed extensive knowledge of psychological principles and theories (including ADHD). My psychology degree and training in transformative coaching has further deepened my understanding of human behaviour and change, and this has enhanced my ability to help people achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

My regular mindfulness practice, knowledge, skills, life experience, years of extensive therapy, and interest in, and experience of, enhancing health and wellbeing, means that I can help you achieve your goals and/or create a new habit or lifestyle, facilitate self awareness, growth and long-term change, by helping you reconnect to your authentic self, fulfil your potential and harness your inner strengths so you can lead a more fulfilling life.

I can help you:

Understand yourself better
Slow down and connect to your intuition
Live more authentically
Improve your health and wellbeing
Unlock the potential hiding underneath all of the self-doubt
Help to unpick the negative thoughts and beliefs
I can support you if you:

Have a goal you want to achieve
Feel stuck or unfulfilled
Have a dilemma or an issue to resolve
Do not know who you are and who you want to be
Would like to live more authentically
Would like a thinking partner to gain clarity on a situation
Want to process your thoughts
Want to create ideas
Want to gain insights
Want to develop a new way of thinking about yourself and the world

Who I Work With:

I can help with any of the following:

Physical health challenges and coming to terms with a diagnosis
Improving physical health, creating healthier habits
Wellbeing - stress, anxiety, low mood
Discovering who you are
Relationships (dating, spouse, family)
Relaxation & Stress
Creating new ideas/starting a new venture
Feeling stuck
Developing and changing your career or creating a new business
Creating a new lifestyle

How I work:

Meeting for regular, weekly or fortnightly sessions, I offer a personalised approach, looking at where you are stuck, what might be holding you back and helping you to harness your inner strengths to achieve your goals.

A Special Approach
To Every Client

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General Coaching

Prepare for interviews, promotions, presentations, personal commitments, and any other significant life events; and general support, guidance, generating ideas and explore possibilities

Transformative Coaching

Gain more insight in who you are; look at your beliefs, assumptions, values and expectations, and open up new possibilities for longer-lasting growth and change

Wellbeing Coaching

Support and guidance to manage anxiety, stress, burnout, overwhelm, and the stresses and strains associated with modern day living

Health Coaching

Create healthier habits and a healthier lifestyle to improve your physical health, so that you have more energy and vitality to do more of the things you love

Holistic Coaching

Reduce stress, increase energy and vitality and create balance and harmony, by working with the various aspects of your interconnected self; diet, sleep, exercise, emotions, spirituality, relationships, career

ADHD Coaching

Come to terms with diagnosis, learn about ADHD and it's effects, manage symptoms, enhance overall health and wellbeing, and harness your strengths to reach your personal goals

If you wait until you are ready
you could be waiting the rest of your life

Cheryl really helped me after I was diagnosed with ADHD and she helped me understand how ADHD affects the brain and made me feel not so ashamed with myself about the way I’ve been living. I’ve learnt some useful things and I feel a bit more calm and more better at work.


Cheryl has changed my life! She knows a lot and helps you see things clearly. She has a way of opening you up and exposing you to a whole new world that you didn’t know existed. After trying a few coaches I was lucky to have her coach me and just as lucky to spend time with her. She is so inspiring and has a great energy and presence.


Cheryl is a thoughtful coach, putting her clients wellbeing at the centre of her practice. I value and appreciate the time we’ve spent together over the past 6 months and the many ways she has helped me to view my life through different lenses. Helping me on my journey to explore and set achievable goals and to have the courage to be the best I can be!


Cheryl always make me feel comfortable and free to say what I need, no judgement. I feel safe!


I happened upon life coaching with Cheryl by chance and I’m delighted that I did. I wasn’t sure what to expect and it is hard to describe how and why it works and becomes such a positive experience. I expect it’s because Cheryl listens intently, summarises your ‘issue’ and guides you in a direction and goal you’d like to achieve. I felt like I’d almost been hypnotised as it was such a great feeling at the end of each session. I have taken lots from these sessions and feel more equipped at achieving my personal goals. It’s a very positive service.


Cheryl was warm and empathetic, and just talking through all that was going on in my head helped me to process some of my stresses and what was holding me back from making changes. Cheryl asked me some great questions that got me thinking about things from a different perspective. I think about things differently now and would definitely go back to see her if I needed to.


I Honestly feel great. I don’t know how or why but I just feel brilliant. Thanks so much for your time Cheryl. I actually haven’t done anything but be productive since your sessions.

I’m very grateful for your acceptance and chilled vibes.
Thank you so much!



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