Coaching Packages

Meeting for regular, weekly or fortnightly sessions, I offer a personalised approach, looking at where you are stuck, what might be holding you back and helping you to harness your inner strengths to achieve your goals.

I use a range of different coaching interventions:

General coaching includes preparing for interviews, promotions, presentations, personal commitments, and any other significant life events; and general support, guidance, generating ideas and exploring possibilities.

Transformative coaching includes gaining more insight in who you are; looking at your beliefs, assumptions, values and expectations, opening up new possibilities for longer-lasting growth and change.

Wellbeing coaching provides support and guidance to manage anxiety, stress, burnout, overwhelm, and the stresses and strains associated with modern day living.

Health coaching facilitates creating healthier habits and a healthier lifestyle to improve your physical health so that you have more energy and vitality to do more of the things you love.

Holistic coaching aims to reduce stress, increase energy and vitality, and create balance and harmony, by working with the various aspects of your interconnected self; diet, sleep, exercise, emotions, spirituality, relationships, career.

ADHD coaching includes support with coming to terms with a diagnosis, learn about ADHD and its effects, managing symptoms, enhancing overall health and wellbeing, and harnessing your strengths to reach your personal goals.

My clients report feeling lighter after each coaching session; they have more space to think and are able to understand themselves better, enabling them to open up to new ways of thinking and new possibilities that were previously inaccessible. It is not uncommon for other positive, unexpected changes and outcomes to occur, which are somewhat different to the original goals and plans. Coaching can far exceed expectations and can open up a whole new world of possibilities.